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Best Sportsbooks for Ice Hockey Betting

At each bookmaker, hockey is included in the list of popular sports. Today we will choose the best bookmakers for betting on hockey.

The best bookmakers for betting on hockey

In some countries, hockey is considered the second most popular sport. Bets on the outcomes of ice battles are accepted at all legal bookmakers. Which company is better to bet with? Here is a list of the best options in our opinion:

  • The best line and painting in Internet
  • A decent number of complaints
  • Best odds on the market
  • Until recently, there were no bonuses at all.

  • Popular brand, reliable
  • Odds could be better
  • Good line, odds
  • Hard cuts the highs, a lot of bans

All of these bookmakers are worthy candidates. Next, we describe how we came to this conclusion.

Who are we comparing?

There are many bookmakers in Russia. Over the years of market operation in the Russian Federation, a pool of leaders has managed to form. Top positions are currently held by 4 operators:

Among them, we will choose the absolute leader. The analysis criteria will be the line, painting, margin and Live.

The best line for hockey in legal betting shops

Hockey tournaments are popular in North America, Europe and the CIS countries. It is there that the main national championships are held. At the time of writing, 247 different events were offered to customers in the 1xBet line of the company.

The organization offers customers to bet on tournaments from Russia, USA, Europe (Finland, Norway, Slovakia, Czech Republic). The volume of proposals for European tournaments is lower. The basis of the line is the NHL and KHL.

The total number of considered events in the company Betcity is noticeably higher. At the time of writing, the office offers customers 944 competitions.

The operator offers bettors to guess the winners of the upcoming Olympic Games, Euro Tour, World Championship. The variability is huge.

Marathonbet focuses on the NHL and KHL. Moreover, the bookmaker considers the Russian league with maximum detail. Players can bet on the winner of the Gagarin Cup or the Stanley Cup. However, the outcomes of other long-term tournaments could not be found on the BC website. Bettors will not be able to place a bet on the winner of the Olympics, the World Cup or the Eurotour. It is possible that the firm will introduce these competitions into the line closer to the beginning of the tournament.

Marathonbet also did not indicate the total number of competitions available for betting. Therefore, the bookmaker’s line can only be analyzed roughly. In general, the offer looks less tempting than that of Betcity. The company has long-term bets, but you can bet only on the winners of the leagues. The operator did not add international tournaments to the line at that time.

The leader according to the specified comparison criterion can be called the office of Betcity. The rest of the bookmakers from the list are in approximately the same positions.

The best painting for hockey

Painting – the number of available outcomes for one event. The wider the parameter, the more options for the bet. Companies in the formation of the market operate according to the standard scenario. Bookmakers offer wide painting for popular events. With a fall in interest, the variability of the sentence is also reduced.

The bookmaker 1xstavka is considered one of the leaders of the Russian market in matters of the depth of consideration of matches. There were no exceptions with hockey. The company offered 1096 betting options to meet Admiral and Metallurg. Bettor could make a bet even on unique events:

  • whether the goalkeeper will seize;
  • total of the most effective period;
  • All goals are on one side of the field.

Betcity has a sentence for the same match noticeably sags. The company offers players about 80 options for outcomes. In fact, the company considers only the main markets. Exotic bets are inaccessible to customers.

Fonbet has a noticeably better situation. For the same match, the office made a painting with 591 outcome. Bettors can put 1×2 on classic markets, total, handicaps and double chances. Paris is available to the statistics of teams and individual players.

The match Admiral and Magnitors in the BC Marathonbet illuminates worse. The operator gives 231 possible outcome to the duel. The bookmaker provides the main markets, but rarely climbs into the wilds of statistics. Sometimes the painting expands closer to the start of the duel.

The availability of data on the proposals allows you to place the offices from the leader to outsider:

  1. 1xbet.
  2. Fonbet.
  3. Marathonbet.
  4. Betcity.

Lovers of deep analysis and exotic bets best use the services of the 1x Staff. Bettors who prefer the main markets are suitable for any company listed.

The best margin offers

The margin is the unconditional income of the company. With the growth of the indicator, the yield of betting decreases. Companies hide information about their own appetites. To determine the criterion, you need to use the formula:

In calculations, we will use the 1×2 market for the match Admiral VS Metallurg. The final values ​​are the following:

  • 1xbet has a 5.53%indicator;
  • Betcity has marginality 5.56%;
  • in Fonbet the parameter reached 5.29%;
  • In Marathonbet, the criterion is at the level of 5.75%.

The parameters are approximately the same. Marginality may vary depending on the outcome market. Above, we examined the indicator for 1×2. However, for the form or total, the criterion will be different.

The game of Fonbet looks more profitable. The 1x Staff and Betcity are on the same level. The most expensive bet will cost Marathonbet.

Important! Do not forget about the shares of bookmakers. Marathonbet for some matches offers zero margin. Therefore, it is sometimes more profitable to use the services of this office.

For example, for the main market of the meeting of Lokomotiv and Yokerite, the company refused the commissions.

Players who prefer to use the 1×2 market are best considered a margin for each specific match.

Best Sportsbooks for Live Ice Hockey Betting

Real-time gambling is popular due to the ability to grab higher odds by profiting from a bookmaker’s mistake. However, the painting in Live noticeably sags.

1xBet offers hockey fans to watch the video broadcast of the game or watch the digital visualization of the match. Simple statistics are available for some matches. The outcomes market is narrowing, margins could jump to 8%.

Betcity is also ready to offer Live betting to customers. At the time of writing, the company did not give a single video broadcast of the meeting. However, customers can still watch the top events. The number of available outcomes is minimal. The margin grows to 10%.

Fonbet with Live mode is doing much better. For some matches, the company offers more than 90 outcomes. Live broadcasts, visualization and analysis of statistics are available. Marginality grows up to 7-8%.

At the time of this writing, Marathonbet did not consider a single hockey match in live. You can view the announcement of events through the corresponding menu. Video broadcasting is available to registered users.

Fonbet became the best office for live betting on hockey. 1xBet got second place, Betcity in third. Marathonbet could not be compared.

The best hockey betting site

It is impossible to identify a clear leader. Each company has its own advantages:

  1. 1xBet – excellent painting.
  2. Betcity is a wide line.
  3. Fonbet is the leader in Live.
  4. Marathonbet – the ability to bet with 0% margin.

It is better to keep accounts in different companies and look at the situation. Livers are suitable for Fonbet. Fans of deep game analysis should open an account with 1xBet. Fans of long-term bets are better off registering with Betcity.