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Belgian Football Cup

Young Footballer No. 20 – Matisse Samoise. Gent’s new fan favorite, waited 14 years to take revenge on Anderlecht

Hello! You ended up on a blog where I suggested that Russian clubs take a closer look at interesting young players from all over Europe. The topic has temporarily ceased to be relevant, but I do not plan to stop publishing.

Gent took revenge on Anderlecht, won the Belgian Cup and will now represent the country in the Europa League

They brought back 2008: Gent and Anderlecht will play in the final of the Belgian Cup. Kompany on the verge of first trophy as a coach

Overview of the return semi-finals of the Belgian Cup.

Club Brugge rebounded in Gent derby, Anderlecht avoided defeat by Eupen thanks to a controversial 90+5=penalty

Overview of the first semi-final matches of the Belgian Cup season 2021/22.

A terrible knockout of the Swede, a protest from Anderlecht fans and expensive gifts from Standard – all this was in the – final of the Belgian Cup

Review of the quarter-final matches of the Belgian Cup season 2021/22.

Swede has a concussion

Marjan Shved was injured during a collision with the Eupen goalkeeper, losing consciousness.