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List of online game Playkot. All information about the developer/publisher. The most famous studio projects.


Playkot is a studio from St. Petersburg, specializing in the development of games for social networks and mobile applications. The company was founded in 2009, and the former employee of Gazprom Alexander Pavlov was one of its co -founders.

As Alexander himself recalls, although the company initially took the correct course, the first steps were full of problems – the first programmer hired by the studio was dismissed without working out and a week later, the only professional game designer left the team. The first game of the company was released on the VKontakte platform and was called “Sportsille”. Although she did not bring the studio of grandiose success and is generally evaluated as a failure, Playkot had the first source of constant income, and many achievements from this application can be found in subsequent projects of the company.

But the second game of the company, “Club Life”, which came out in the same VK, has become a great success. In the very first months, its online reached 2 million 300 thousand gamers. In 2011, another well -known play of a St. Petersburg company called the Settlement was launched. Nevertheless, the main event that year for the studio was the release of the Uziti urban planning simulator, which, as of 2018, remains one of the main projects of the St. Petersburg team.

In the same year, Playkot decided to try their strength outside social networks and released several games for mobile phones, the most noticeable of which was Farkle – a gambling simulator with bones. However, games for social platforms remained a leading direction in the company's activities. So, in 2011, another game for VKontakte was released – the tropical strategy “Fire Line”.

In 2012, another very successful game of the company was released – the medieval strategy of Knights, which this time reached the new browser format for the company. The decision not to tie the game to a particular platform to her benefit-in total about 9 and a half million players from around the world played it.

In 2014, part of the studio games was re -released on Facebook. In addition, in the same year, the futuristic strategy of the Titans, dedicated to the battles of huge walking combat robots, was published. In 2015, the studio released the rethinking of the ideas of the Fire Lines called Tropicstorm.

In 2016, the company published a fantasy mobile MMORPG with KKI elements called Age of Magic. In the period from 2017 to 2018, the company was mainly engaged in the transfer of its Hedliner Hedliner to mobile platforms and almost did not produce new projects. As of 2018, the staff of the Russian company grew to 117 people, and its products are well acquainted not only by Russian gamers, but also to lovers of relatively defective games from around the world.


Titans is a post -apocalyptic strategy for socialists from the Russian company Playkot, almost completely dedicated to the kneads of huge combat robots