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Express bets on Fonbet – how to play an express in BC Fonbet

Information on how to properly make express rates in Fonbet from metaratings. The rules of the game, the pros and cons of the game on the express in the bookmaker Fonbet.

Express bets in BC Fonbet

Betting in the Fonbet Express format is the second most popular among the players a variety of bets made. According to this indicator, expresses are inferior only to single bets. Here we’ll talk about how to put an express in Fonbet and note the key features of this type of bets.

Definition of express machines. Calculation of coefficients

Express rates – a bet between a player and a bookmaker, the main feature of which is the inclusion of several outcomes of various events (at least two). The maximum number of available events may vary depending on the specific office.

All outcomes of events selected by the player are included in one common coupon, and the final coefficient is calculated by multiplying the quotes on top of each other.

Before making an express rate, it is important to clearly understand that an increase in the number of outcomes on reduces the chances of general success, because the loss of even one of the events leads to the failure of the entire bet.

Express betting strategy

Frequent use of express stations is the inclusion of approximately 8-10 outcomes. Such bets are quite rare, but if they still pass, they bring a serious profit that can cover previous failures.

It is possible to increase the likelihood of success in this case, combining events with an average probability with the probable outcomes for which small quotes are offered. But this advice should not be neglected, because favorites do not always beat outsiders. The more such events are included in the express, the higher the likelihood that at least one will happen in an unexpected result. And, unfortunately, this will be enough to lose the entire express.

Also, experienced players advise not to limit themselves to choosing events for expresses within the framework of one tournament or even one sport. If you make up an express of ten hockey matches, even with a high probability of all outcomes, in most cases 1-2 of them will be incorrect.

Expresses look more safe, including a small number of events, for example 4-5. Especially if you use low coefficients, just below medium. Quotes in the region of 1.2-1.3 are well suited. The likelihood that each individual event with such a coefficient will be winning quite large. At the same time, if you take an express of 5 outcomes, the coefficient of each of them is 1.2, then the final rate will be calculated when winning a coefficient of 2.49.

One of the options for reducing risks is a strategy when, on the basis of an previously committed express rate, insurance rates for opposite outcomes are consistent.When a player sees that the situation on the concluded express bet is not in his favor, he makes a bet on opposite outcomes. With the correct calculation of the amount of the bet, it is possible to create a situation where the player will either return the loss from the first bet with the second bet and remain with his money, or the winnings on any of the bets will exceed the loss from the other and the player will be in the black.

Express in BC Fonbet

Fonbet bookmaker is one of the leaders in the domestic sports betting market. Here, in addition to single bets, players are also offered the opportunity to make express bets.

Accumulators in Fonbet are based on the general rules that are standard for most bookmakers.

When generating an express coupon, there are several restrictions. So, in one bet you cannot use duplicate, mutually exclusive outcomes, or any other outcomes affecting the same specific event. For example, the bookmaker will not accept a card that includes bets on both W1 and W2 within the same game.

In order to make such a bet on the Fonbet website, the player must:

  • Log in to the system;
  • Make sure that there is an amount on the account corresponding to the minimum bet, otherwise, make a deposit;
  • Choose a prematch or live line for your bet;
  • Determine the events, their number and specific outcomes;
  • Check the correctness of the entered data in the coupon, enter the amount and complete the formation of the bet;
  • Wait for all events to complete.

When forming a coupon, you should especially carefully check all the entered matches. After all, in case of an erroneous choice, one wrong bet can ruin everything.

The final calculation is made immediately after the appearance of official information on the results of all events included in the accumulator.

In general, the bookmaker actively encourages the use of parlays by its players. As proof – the presence of a permanent action Preferential Express. Within its framework, when compiling an accumulator of at least 6 events, the coefficients of which are at least 1.6, if one of them loses, the card does not lose, but a refund is made.

Express bets from various devices

Sports betting on is available not only through the official website of the bookmaker. Here, players are offered other ways:

  • Client applications for PC (Windows, MacOS);
  • Mobile applications for Android and iOS;
  • Mobile version of the site.

If we talk about express bets, then it is convenient to conclude them using any of the indicated methods. Differences can only be in the convenience of tracking results for selected outcomes. When viewing the official site on mobile devices, it is not always convenient to keep track of the results of parallel matches (especially if the accumulator consisted of 10-15 events taking place at the same time). Therefore, depending on the platform of the device, it will be more convenient to use mobile applications or, if the phone does not support their installation, the mobile version of the site.