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Express of the day March 25. Forecasts and bets on football / KEF of the day: 2.85 /

Express with a coefficient of 2.85 / What to put today in the bookmaker? / Stubborn match in Uruguay and the victory of Colombia / Combined Forecast of the Day.

Express of the day March 25. Football forecasts and bets

In the express on Friday, we put on the qualifying matches of the World Cup 2022 and the second Spanish division. What to put in the bookmaker today?

Uruguay – Peru

Football. Championship of Spain

With 22 points scored Uruguay The fourth position in the tournament selection table of the World Cup-2022 in the South America zone. This line gives a direct ticket to the final part, but the closest pursuer only lags behind.

The Uruguayans in the second half of last year performed unsuccessfully, having suffered four defeats in a row. This year, they won two fights, alternately defeating Paraguay 1: 0 and in their native walls Venezuela 4: 1.

National team Peru It is in the fifth position, having 21 points in its asset, so it has good chances to get into the playoff selection, at least.

The last time the Peruvians lost in the current qualifications in October last year, then losing 0: 1 visiting Argentina, after which they won three Victorias, and also in their native walls parted the world from the Ecuador national team in the last round.

Uruguay is of course a favorite in this game, but the Peruvians will not give easy walks to the owners. In general, we put on Victoria the national team with a handicap +1.5.

Bid: Victory Peru with a handicap (+1.5) for 1.50.

Colombia is Bolivia

Football. Championship of Spain

In the tournament table of the South American selection, the team Colombia Located in seventh place, having an asset of 17 points. From the fifth place, the team two rounds to the finish line behind four points, so it has a very small chance of getting to Mundial.

The Colombians are approaching this game with a 7-match, free-free series, in which zero draws were painted four times and suffered minimal defeats three times. In their last game, they lost the Argentine national team 0: 1.

The national team Bolivia The standings are located in the eighth position, gaining 15 points. So she has only theoretical chances of clinging to the playoffs.

The Bolivians play at home strongly, but they are very bad at a party, having earned only two points in this selection. In the previous round, they lost 2: 3 in their native walls, which became only the second home fiasco in the current qualifying company.

The Colombians must get three points here and remain in the struggle for a ticket to the World Cup 2022. We predict that the owners will do this with a difference of several goals.

Bid: The victory of Colombia with a handicap (-1.5) for 1.40.

Saragos – Amorebiet

Football. Championship of Spain

Ten rounds before the finish of the segunda Saragos It goes to 14 positions in the standings, having 42 points in the asset, ahead of the departure zone by 12 points, so that the departure may not particularly worry.

In their last game, the Aragonese were defeated away by Cartagena with a score of 0:3. So far, they have won four matches in a row. It is worth noting that 15 out of 32 matches they drew in this championship.

Amorebiete it will be difficult to avoid departure. At the moment, she is on the penultimate line in the standings with 27 points, nine points behind the safe line.

The Basques have failed to win the league in their last seven meetings, having lost four times in this period in three world outcomes. One of them was in the last round at home with the last team in the league – 0:0.

Zaragoza traditionally plays strongly at home, and certainly should not give way to an outsider.